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               Now a days , diseases as well as their treatments are getting complex. Lots of diseases are there which requires attention of specialist in that category. Elife Doctor is willing to find correct specialist for you in your health condition.
Guidance about your query is handled by medical professional at our call center.
Call Elife Doctor and raise your queries about disease condition based on which we will suggest you the best specialist based on your query.

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New Doctors In Town

Here are Some New Category

Dr. Snehal Patel

MD Paediatric,
FNB Paediatric Cardiology,
Consultant Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Hemil Patel

Consultant Vascular And Endovascular Surgeon
(Diabetic Foot Specialist)

Dr. Ashwini Shah

M. D. Paediatric, IDPCCM
(Paediatric Intensivist) 

Dr. Ashwini is available full time at Saumya Children Hospital, Surat.
•Ex- fellow at Nirmal hospital
•Ex-consultant at SAACHI HOSPITAL
•Ex – consultant at ANAND HOSPITAL (Dr CHETAN SHAH)