Elife Doctor Services

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1.Why should I register with you?
Ans. To get complete medical solution at your step.

2. How to register with Elife Doctor Services?

Ans. By call, mail or online registration.

3. Will I get any card regarding services

 Ans. Yes

 4. What are the benefits of registration?

Ans. To get privilege of all medical health related services.

5. Which are doctors with Elife Doctor?

Ans. Doctors of all category like MBBS, MD and specialized in Various category.

6. Which are laboratories?
Ans. SRL Diagnostics and other laboratories depending upon area.

7. How many family members are included in a registration?
Ans.  06 members per registration.

8. Who will give answer from Elife Doctor?
Ans.  You will be advised and guided by medical professional from Elife Doctor.

9. What are the charges of Health Seminar?
Ans.  There is no charge for Health Seminar. You have to pay only registration charge annually.

10. In which city you are available?
Ans.  We are currently available in Surat.